Treating Sinus Disorders

Sinus disorders are one of the biggest complaints for which people seek medical help. They affect people of all ages and ethnicities and are so common that they are often described in routine conversation. Allergies, colds and numerous environmental triggers can cause the tissue in your nose to swell, which often results in sinus pain.

The human head contains eight sinus cavities arranged symmetrically in the skull. In addition to reducing the weight of the head, sinuses are responsible for the depth and tone of the human voice – which explains why so many people sound like Elmer Fudd when their sinuses become clogged.

What happens when sinuses can’t function?

The sinuses drain into the nose through small openings. The membranes that line the sinuses produce mucus. When these linings become infected, it’s referred to as acute sinusitis. The symptoms may include facial pain, purulent (made of pus) nasal drainage, nasal congestion, fever and fatigue. When infections recur or symptoms such as facial pain, pressure, nasal obstruction, nasal congestion and chronic nasal drainage occur, it’s referred to as chronic sinusitis.

To diagnose your sinus disorder, Dr. Namazie will ask you several questions or have you fill out a downloadable online questionnaire. During his physical examination, he may perform a procedure known as nasal endoscopy to visualize your sinuses using state-of-the-art in-office equipment to help pinpoint your problem.

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