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Ct-Guided Sinus Surgery

What is computed tomography (CT)-guided sinus surgery?

CT-guided sinus surgery is a novel way to perform surgical procedures on the nose using a CT (computed tomography) scan machine to accurately map out the area where the procedure will be performed. This procedure gives the surgeon a three-dimensional image of the surgical site, giving a unique advantage over older procedures.

What are the advantages of CT-guided surgery?

For the surgeon, CT-guided surgery gives an accurate picture of the body even before they cut into it. It enables them to visualize the abnormality and make a better plan on how to attack the problem. Ultimately, it guides the surgeons in treating only the areas where treatment is needed.

For the patient, this modern procedure ensures that there is a more positive outcome after surgery. There is also faster recovery time after the procedure the surgery is done faster, the patient’s incisions are smaller and the surgical procedure in general is less invasive.

How does the technology work?

Prior to the surgery, the patient undergoes CT scanning. This provides 3D images to the surgeon needed to plan the course of action for the surgery. During the surgery itself, the surgeons can compare the presurgery 3D images with what they are actually seeing in the body. In addition, they may be able to visualize organs and tissues even before they have exposed them, to view the body at different angles and to get a picture of where their instruments are or where they should be during the procedure.

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