Treating Voice Disorders

ENT doctor Ali Namazie, MD, specializes in treating professional voice users such as singers, actors, announcers, performers, teachers and attorneys. Many patients see us for difficult-to-diagnose voice problems, voice weakness and vocal cord paralysis. The key to the successful treatment of voice disorders is precise diagnosis. Reflux is by far the number-one cause of vocal problems in most patients. It contributes to vocal cord lesions, hoarseness and myriad voice disorders. To properly treat patients with the symptoms of hoarseness, voice change, difficulty singing or voice weakness, we start with a detailed, comprehensive voice questionnaire.

Dr. Namazie then reviews your detailed health history. The subsequent physical examination includes specialized diagnostic equipment in our office. This examination consists of:

  • A complete head & neck evaluation
  • Vocal capability battery, if indicated
  • Videostroboscopy

By performing a complete evaluation, Dr. Namazie can more accurately reach the appropriate diagnosis.

We may use a combination of therapies

Dr. Namazie typically utilizes a combination of medical therapy consisting of voice or speech therapy and medications in the treatment of voice disorders. He devises all treatment plans on an individual basis, and he works closely with a team of speech therapists, voice coaches and other voice specialists to assist in the rehabilitation process.

Patients with surgical problems – suspicious lesions on the vocal cords, cysts, masses or paralysis – can be readily treated with microsurgical techniques. Patients undergo this type of procedure as outpatients and are discharged within a few hours of the procedure. For patients with papillomas, Dr. Namazie uses state-of-the-art instruments to perform microlaryngeal surgery, including laser surgery.

To learn more about voice disorders, call our office at 818.986.5500. For your convenience, you can arrange for one-on-one, personal time with Dr. Namazie using our online Request an Appointment form. Our voice and throat patients come to us from Beverly Hills, Burbank, Calabasas, Santa Monica, Encino and bordering locations.


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